Every candle purchased plants a tree 🌳 across the planet 🌍 | free shipping on orders over $99


Don't let a good thing go to waste. Keep your candle jars out of landfills, and your home green and chic by repurposing these colorful concrete vessels as planters.


- Keep your wick trim at 1/8" each time you light your candle. This ensures your candle burns cleanly and brightly, without any unsavory smoke or sooting. 

-Avoid tunneling by allowing your candle to burn long enough for the wax pool to melt edge to edge. We suggest burning for 2-3 hours at a time.

-Drafts and uneven surfaces can disturb your flame, creating soot on your candle jar, and an uneven burn pool. Always burn your candles on an even surface away from any windows or vents. 

-Enjoy your candle safely. Keep away from children, pets, and always in a supervised area. We recommend not burning your candle for more than 4 hours at a time. 


- Cut off the plantable seed label and set aside for later. Remove as much remaining wax as you can with a spoon or butter knife. Pour boiling water into the jar, leaving room at the top. Let the water cool, and remove the hardened wax. Wash with soap and water, and your jar is on its way to be home to your new plant. 

- Add the included peet pucks to your candle jar and fill halfway with warm water. In a few minutes, these will have expanded 7x their height. Remove the hydrated pods from the jar, and cut the lining to release the peet back into the jar. The lining is biodegradable and can be planted, or composted. 

- Tear up the seed label, and moisten the shredded paper with water before planting it 1/4" deep into the peet. 


- Continue to keep sprouts moist and happy!

-Once sturdy plants appear, water as necessary.

- If plants get too big, or if roots begin to show it is time for a new and bigger pot!

- The growing keeps going. Every Dude Ranch Co. Cultivating Candle plants a tree around the world to help end the cycle of deforestation, poverty and hunger. Learn more about our partnership with Trees for the Future at the link in the menu.