1 candle plants 3 trees 🌲🌳🌴 across the planet 🌍 | free shipping on orders over $99

 Dude Ranch has paired with TREES for the FUTURE to assist in global forest restoration. Every second 1 and a half acres of forest are cut down, at that rate we will be without rainforests within 100 years! It is our necessity to be planting trees and regrowing our forests. Planting trees is the most effective solution to battle climate change and save our planet. Trees for the Future has been helping the world with issues involving deforestation for over 30 years and has planted more than 225 million trees worldwide. Their efforts include reducing global emissions, aiding the hunger crisis, and ensuring that future generations have the same experiences and opportunities with nature that we do. The concept behind the Cultivating Candle is to grow and learn, making TREES for the FUTURE the perfect partner. Each candle purchased will go to plant three trees! These trees aren't just planted to battle our climate crisis, they are part of a designed forest garden that provides people the skills, security, and a sustainable livelihood inorder to continue building communities. Over 300,000 lives have been changed with the help of Trees for the Future and with your help the numbers could be infinite.